“Utopians” was born to support the wonderful work these organizations have been doing for years. Here are Jordane Tumarinson’s words on this project: «as an artist and sensitive, i am amazed by the nature and in our current context, I think it could be a good thing to participate in its preservation. We all participate in our own way, and it can be a way more: to conjugate music and nature. So this project is to federate composers around a common cause, discover each other and maybe become friends. So i found the word: « Uto’pians » for the album, an utopian is a dreamer (today we need dreamers like us) who believe in harmony with society and with nature. Also, it is a game of words with pians: piano.»

Uto’Pians – Vol II



  1. Raphaelle Thibaut ~ Mirage

  2. Arthur Jeffes ~ Temporary Shelter From The Storm

  3. Christopher Dicker ~ Optis Nocturne

  4. David Weengren ~ For a Kinder World

  5. Christina Higham ~ Hyperspace

  6. Patrick Delobel ~ Inner Sights

  7. Feryanto ~ Tree Spirit

  8. Midori Hirano ~ Keep Shining

  9. Marie Awadis ~ Raindrops

  10. Dominique Charpentier ~ Parasol

  11. Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres ~ Dancing Trees

  12. Wilson Trouvé ~ The Hours

  13. Oskar Tena ~ Alive

  14. Valeska Rautenberg ~ You Are Everything​

Curator: Raphaelle Thibaut & Jordane Tumarinson (creator of the project)
Master: BSR Studio – Artwork: BeatArt

Uto’Pians – Vol I



  1. Erik Slättberg – Safe Here
  2. Sharon Lynn Makarenko – Elysian
  3. Carlos Hof – Ad Ethereal
  4. Aija Alsina – What Kind of World
  5.  Jordane Tumarinson – Birth
  6.  Armel Dupas – La valeur de l’air
  7. Dario Crisman – Everything changes
  8. Rebecca Jean Rossi – Stella Alpina
  9. Kōya Ogata & Wataru Sato – Neighbors
  10. Emiliana Prcik – Flowers in the rain
  11. Manuel Zito – Earth
  12. Lionel Scardino – Ges
  13. James Lebreton – Behind the Masks

Curator: Jordane Tumarinson
Master and post-production: BSR Studio – Artwork: BeatArt